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The displays are assembled into an aluminium profile and connected to the central unit (SpeedyGate) via BUS system.

    Functions :

  • Withdrawal confirmation
  • Plus-Minus - correction
  • Container annulation
  • Inventory request
  • Special functions

For an easy display identification from the distance signal lights (red and green) with multiple LED diodes are installed. The high intensity of the segment displays and the additional filter pane provide an excellent sharpness of the depicted data.


Photo : Pick-by-Light displays: MIDI, 4-digit, 8-digit

The big and robust acknowledgment button (with long stroke) ensures a distinct and accurate acknowledgment   The two " + " and "- " buttons are arranged ergonomically to the right of the display next to the signal lights. Membrane buttons are not used!

Except for figures optional characters of the 7- and 14-font can be depicted on the display,     e.g. "U-12".

With all buttons "normal, long and held" keypress is possible, so that different functions can be conducted. The picking process is programmed in the Pick-by-Light server and allows a wide range of customised adjustments.


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Cost Effectiveness

w100_1Precise planning of internal processes allows a cost-optimized development of our systems. Project evaluation proves the cost effectiveness of our calculations.

System concepts

w100_2Years of experience and developments of our software have established a clear and very firm concept for the construction of customized logistics systems.


w100_3Our cooperation with lots of medium-sized companies in the branch of industry adds numerous important and professional components to our product range.
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