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Maintenance & Service

Due to the complexity of the facilities and the high number of sub-systems it is highly advisable to carry out regular maintenance. We recommend and offer our customers maintenance contracts to guarantee smooth operation for the long term.

  • maintenance contracts for hard- and software
  • professional customer trainings
  • facility maintenance
  • repairs
  • maintenance plans

It is not only the mechanical and electrotechnical components which are inspected regularly, but we also examine software and data bases carefully.

Our trainings are performed after start-up and on demand. The technical staff on customer side is made familiar with the details of the facilities in a practical test.

Facility maintenance, which is offered immediately after start-up, completes our service line.



Pick-by-Point® is the name of the new innovative system for picking, sorting and packing developed by LUCA. The sytem links a visual (Pick-by-Light) and an acoustic (Pick-by-Voice) data output with simultaneous removal monitoring via Pick-Radar® according to the PokaYoke - principle.


Cost Effectiveness

w100_1Precise planning of internal processes allows a cost-optimized development of our systems. Project evaluation proves the cost effectiveness of our calculations.

System concepts

w100_2Years of experience and developments of our software have established a clear and very firm concept for the construction of customized logistics systems.


w100_3Our cooperation with lots of medium-sized companies in the branch of industry adds numerous important and professional components to our product range.
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